KDE 4.2.0 on my netbook

It’s just great! Update from 4.1.4 went smoothly, thanks to Gentoo’s KDE maintainers, great work!

Screenshot KDE 4.2.0 on my netbook
Screenshot KDE 4.2.0 on my netbook
(the left and bottom panels are usually set to ‘auto-hide’, and the right one (which currently only contains the System Tray plasmoid) can be covered by windows, so I have the full screen available for applications)

KDE 4.2.0 brought the following features that I missed a lot since KDE 3.5:

  • The Task Manager plasmoid (the taskbar that shows a button
    for each running program) can finally have multiple rows, buttons can be grouped
  • The Digital Clock plasmoid can show other timezones on hovering with the mouse
  • Global keyboard shortcuts work
  • Some dialogue windows have been resized to fit on smaller displays

… and I’m still exploring 🙂

Many thanks to all KDE developers for this great piece of Free Software!

4 thoughts on “KDE 4.2.0 on my netbook”

  1. Hello, I was wondering if you have tried a virtual viewport to expand the desktop area. I know x windows supports it and saw that sawfish should be able to do it but had no luck myself.

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