SOPA protest – Wikipedia blackout

Since I consider this some kind of historical Internet event, I’ll dedicate a short blog post:

The English Wikipedia will be taken offline for as long as 24 hours as a form of protest against the U.S. “SOPA” law, which is considered a threat for Internet Free Speech by the Wikipedia community and many others.

So… no ‘lemme look that up on Wikipedia’ from Wednesday 5:00 UTC to Thursday 5:00 UTC.

In this context I’d like to recommend watching Cory Doctorow’s speech on what he calls The Coming War on General Purpose Computation – the content mafia trying to shape the Internet may just be the beginning… For those who have a preview of what’s to come already (i.e. those living in China, for example): here is a direct link to download the video in MP4, and here is a torrent through which you can get the same MP4.

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