TT-RSS 1.5.5 in Portage

I have blogged about TT-RSS just recently. And when Andrew Dolgov, TT-RSS’s initiator and main contributor released version 1.5.5, I thought I’d try to improve the ebuild a bit, given that it is in Portage now.

So I added a ‘daemon’ USE flag, which makes it easy for Gentoo users to get TT-RSS to update the RSS feeds. When you emerge www-apps/tt-rss with USE=daemon, it will now install an init script to start the ‘ttrssd’ daemon (or multiple, if you have multiple TT-RSS instances on your host). This is the preferred way to keep the feeds updated, according to TT-RSS’s documentation.

So, if you need a great, centralised (i.e. synchronised state amongst your computers, phones, etc.) news aggregator that runs on your own server / web host, give tt-rss a try! And if you’re a Gentoo user, I’d appreciate if you could test the new ebuild’s features (USE=daemon), and give feedback here or open a bug report if there is anything that could be improved further.

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  • It works! -ish.

    I’ve managed to do a successful upgrade from 1.5.4 (with my own updater init script) to 1.5.5 (with USE=daemon).

    After unmasking/keywording, some extra steps I used:
    manually remerge dev-lang/php with pcntl USE flag
    webapp-config -U -d / -h tt-rss 1.5.5
    CONFIG_PROTECT=”/var/www/” dispatch-conf (as per the ebuild instructions)

    I also bumped into the issued described in

    For consistency, I also removed the ‘s’ in /etc/init.d/ttrssd too.
    Finally, I also cleaned out htdocs/lock from stale lock files left from my own scripts.

    • Thanks a lot for the feedback, Ben.

      So do you think we should modify tt-rss in Gentoo, so that the ‘icons’ directory has a different name? I didn’t run into that issue on my server, btw.

      Also, do you have any other suggestions on what could be improved?

    • I just installed TT-RSS and had to manually remerge php with pcntl. I think it would be convenient to specify the pcntl USE dependency directly in the DEPEND variable.
      Something like:

      DEPEND=”daemon? ( dev-lang/php[mysql?,postgres?,pcntl] )
      !daemon? ( dev-lang/php[mysql?,postgres?] )”

      I am no expert at writing ebuilds, so there may be a more compact way to get the same functionality.

      • Hi Tobias,

        I am also not an expert at writing ebuilds, but your proposal sounds good. I will propose it to hwoarang on the next update. If you have any other suggestions on how to improve the ebuild, please let me know!

        Happy New Year!

  • IIRC i also had to set the “curl” use flag for php to make it work.

  • Great work Patrick. Would a little bump to version 1.5.10 be a lot of work? thanks for your time

    • Hi Pieter, that bug report is by me – it’s actually no work at all, we just need to wait until Markos (hwoarang) gets around to bump it. I’m not a Gentoo dev myself (too little time atm), so I’m just taking care of that package, and Markos acts as a proxy to put it into portage. By the way, if it works well for you, feel free to open a stabilization request in the bugtracker, then it will go to the stable branch.

  • Ah OK, I understand. Didn’t know that it was your bug :). I’ll open a stabilization request.

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