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I have been using Tiny Tiny RSS (or TT-RSS) (www-apps/tt-rss in Gentoo) as my news aggregator since the end of 2008. It is a web application (written in PHP) that provides a great news aggregator UI. Since it’s a web application, you can use it from anywhere with just a browser, and thus have all your feeds in the same state (read/starred/…), anywhere you are. Think of it as Google Reader, but without Google knowing exactly what news articles you’re interested in, since you can run TT-RSS on your own server / web host.
So, TT-RSS alone was great already, but the UI is more suitable for when you have a mouse and a big browser window, than for using it from your phone.

Recently I discovered the Android App TT-RSS Reader which solves exactly that problem. It connects to your TT-RSS instance via an API, and brings all your feeds, with all their states just as on the web interface, to your Android device. The interface is specifically designed for touch screens, so it’s much easier to navigate through your feeds and articles than via the web interface. Furthermore, it can cache articles and images, which you can trigger while on WiFi before leaving the house, and then read everything on the way in Offline mode, to save mobile traffic, which is expensive and/or slow for some. When you’re back on WiFi, you switch back to Online mode, and TT-RSS Reader synchronises your state to your TT-RSS instance. Absolutely awesome 🙂

A couple of quick screenshots from the web interface (TT-RSS):

… and the Android App (TT-RSS Reader):

Update (2011-07-03): Shortly after posting this, hwoarang offered to take TT-RSS from the Sunrise Overlay into Gentoo’s main repository (Portage), with me proxy-maintaining it. So now it’s even easier to get TT-RSS onto your Gentoo-powered server.

2 thoughts on “Reading news the way I like it”

  1. i have a lot of trouble aggregating news feeds right now. i am thinking of starting to us feed burner i dont know if it will be of help do you think the interface on this is better than feed burner.

    i have a lot of work with a huge number of news feeds from various websites as i run a news aggregator.. also tell me something do you think it is possible to source complete articles through feed burner i have a lot of my own blogs that i want to source on my own website..

    lastly article was well written will bookmark you and come back for more..

    1. Hi,

      since I have never used feedburner, I cannot say which user interface is better. The basic difference between feedburner and TT-RSS is, that you can (and need to) run TT-RSS on your own server (and you are thus independent of any one company, e.g. Google, when it comes to your news aggregation).

      You can find a feature list of TT-RSS here:

      But again I am not sure whether it offers what you need – maybe you can just try it. I know it can publish your aggregated feeds as a new single feed – maybe that is enough for what you want to do? As long as the original feed offers complete articles per RSS, you can also read them completely within TT-RSS (or re-publish them through it).

      Hope this helps, good luck with your project.

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