My phone’s bash.profile

Here is some automation that I put into my bash.profile. It’s all done with aliases, since with regular shell scripts, I would first have to remount /mnt/sdcard without ‘noexec’. Like this, I just need to open a ConnectBot “Local” connection, type the alias, and press enter(*).

(*) For this to work, the ‘post login automation’ entry of the ConnectBot “Local” profile needs to have
bash --rcfile /sdcard/bash.profile
in it.

Here is what I have in there:

alias bb="busybox"
alias top="bb top"
alias df="bb df"

alias ll="ls -l"
alias n="su -c \"netstat -ntupl\""

alias backupdata="su -c \"rsync -rP --delete --numeric-ids --chmod=u+rwX --exclude Music /sdcard/ pat@\""

alias postflash="echo \"Mounting /system read-write\" && su -c \"mount -o rw,remount /system\" && echo \"Copying modified keyboard layout files...\" && su -c \"cp /sdcard/vision-keypad-wwe.kcm.bin /system/usr/keychars/\" && su -c \"cp /sdcard/vision-keypad-wwe.kl /system/usr/keylayout/\" && echo \"Deleting awful camera click sound...\" && su -c \"rm /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg\" && sync && echo \"All done. Please reboot now.\""


The first couple of aliases should be self-explanatory.
backupdata is, as the name suggests, to get my SD card’s content to my home server.
postflash is for after flashing a new ROM (usually a CyanogenMod nightly build). It gets my modified keyboard layout into place, and deletes the terrible sound file that gets played when I take a photo with the phone’s camera.

2 thoughts on “My phone’s bash.profile”

  1. Spiffy

    How would you use bash via cron (cron4phone) to poll sdcard mount and set back to R/W when it slides into R/O for indeterminate reasons…

    1. Hi,

      I don’t know whether it’s possible – and I’d probably try to track down the real issue – the drop to read-only mount. Maybe try another SD card? Or format it once, maybe it contains some uncorrectable filesystem errors. Check the logs whether you can find something, shortly after it happens.


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